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NEW for GO Open Data 2021 – Pre-conference workshops
and we’re totally VIRTUAL

What is GO Open Data 2021?

The 2021 GO Open Data conference will be held virtually for the first time.   Go Open Data is an annual conference that is attended by all sectors interested in learning about and promoting the creation and use of open data and sharing knowledge in the open community.

This year’s theme impacts all of us – Open for Community Well-being.  The pre-conference workshops and conference presentations will provide diverse perspectives on what community well-being is or should be and the important role that data and open data plays.

Who Should Attend GOOD21?

Public Sector Services

Essential knowledge for diverse department staff including policy makers, CIOs, data creators/custodians, planners, mappers, health care professionals, and evidence based decisions makers.

GO Open Data is a must for students, academics, data professionals, and librarians looking for new knowledge and engaging dialogue with a broad range of sectors and diverse backgrounds.

Virtual Classroom

GO Open Data can help individuals & non-profit organizations learn how open data can be used to gain insight into their communities, and contribute to better outcomes.

Engaged citizens will learn how insights developed from open data can be used to create new opportunities and employment in the community.

Data is a precious resource for journalists and technologists.  Whether it be a feature story or a new mobile application, open data helps create exciting stories and products.

“To achieve the goals of sustainable development, critical data must be open and available for reuse by anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

Sir Tim Berners-Lee Pioneer of the World Wide Web

Keynote Speakers

Veronica Cretu

Director of Strategy & Partnerships, Global Data Barometer

    Robyn Rowe

    Indigenous Data Team Lead, Health Data Research Network Canada

      Dr. Jayne Engle

      Director, Cities & Places Portfolio The McConnell Foundation

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        Collaborators & Sponsors

        Community Foundations of Canada
        Code for Canada