Christopher Duff

Executive Lead, Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity

    Christopher Duff is a speaker, author, entrepreneur and trailblazer fiercely committed to helping young people live and work in purpose.

    Currently, Chris serves as the Interim Executive Lead for the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity, he works to improve policies and system infrastructure in the youth workforce development ecosystem to help young people thrive in the labour market.

    In 2013, he founded Inspired Initiatives Inc., which was a youth development firm on a mission to help equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in life. The company focused on teaching and spreading what they considered to be the ‘missing curriculum’ to schools and community organizations. Through Inspired Initiatives, Chris has also had an opportunity to train tens of thousands of educators and students across Canada on entrepreneurship, innovation and community building and has had global impact by building social impact projects in several countries including; Uganda, Pakistan and The Philippines.

    Chris also sits on a number of committees including being a member of the Youth Justice Committee of Ontario where he acts as a mediator between youth who have committed crimes and the victims of those crimes.